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life in a doorway

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just Adrien
9 May
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I box outside my weight.
(often to my detriment)

Jimmie Carroll took the blue pill one morning
but you took his tiny ambulances and turned
them into tiny sun goddesses, turned
Zion and the Merovingian on their heads, tuned
yourself to the key of you
singing bridges
in time with the ratty parrot
on the starboard side

You hand the blue pill and black draught
out to the Royal Navy, the youth, the vultures, the frat boys,
out to your lemon-mouthed mother, your flannel father,
and the fucking Queen of England and you

and dance on Mercury, salt, and sulphur
the Persian sands and the city park paths

The ocarina on your altar
doesn’t need tuning
and the red pill is a big fat lie
and in your alembic swirl
the exquisite corpses
of the Black Crow
White Swan
and Red Phoenix
turning, turning
while Mawlawi scratches in the sand
and smiles


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